The science behind it all


Let’s face it, there are oftentimes where companies will simply do their job, in this case felling a tree, go back to the office and call it a day. There is nothing wrong with this, but it does beg the question how do we continue to move the industry forward. Tree removal, much like many construction based industries such as Wilmington Tree Services has a propensity to stay relatively unchanged for a number of years. We have the things we need to do it, and it works.

However, there is the question of whether we can continue to improve the industry not only through better machinery, but also through technology. We, as loggers must understand that there are a number of things we could be doing better, but that we must pay attention and analyze the facts in order for this to happen.

Take for example

Any number of industries that have existed since the Industrial Age that have remained pretty much unchanged. They still work, but now we are facing different global concerns that directly impact them. By examining the science behind what we are doing, we may be able to create more environmentally friendly ways to take the steps we need to not only continue the way we are doing things, but to perhaps continue to innovate in the future.

In many ways, we are leaving ourselves behind by not using enough science to see what the bigger picture holds. That we can continue to do things the way we do until it is too late to change the damage we have caused, or start thinking now about what we could be doing differently. In time we will see how effective we are and how easy or difficult it is to change the current way we do things, but we should start looking now.

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