When the time is right


One of the questions that we get most frequently is when does the tree need to come down? Tree removal is something that needs to be done when the time is right, preferably before it causes any damage. In a way, it is sort of a guessing game. The most problematic trees are not the ones that clearly need to come down as soon as possible, but rather the ones that are questionable.

Something about the trees that can not decide whether or not they are going to fall are the most problematic simply for that reason. Let’s face it, nobody wants to have a tree removed if they can help it. The process is time consuming and expensive a lot of the time, but unfortunately there is little alternative.

The basics

The basic rule of thumb is that when you think a tree might need to come down, it often does. There is little reason to leave a tree standing that maybe needs to come down simply because you never know when it will fall and create a great deal of property damage. Now, when it comes to trees that you do not know whether or not they will need to come down at all, that is a different story.

Basically, the best thing to do in either situation is to contact a professional and have them come take a look at what is going on. They will be able to give you an unbiased report on what needs to happen.

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