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Staying Current


Part of what we do here is to further the industry of tree removal as a whole. Taking the practices of old times and updating them to fit the new information age. One of the ways in which we do this is to help other companies such asĀ Albuquerque Tree Service increase their online presence. Now you may think that people that request tree removal are not people that use the Internet, but this is entirely false.

The information generation is now the largest demographic of people in the United States, and it is up to us to make sure that our services can be found by them. Think about how people search for virtually any service these days, they are not using the phone book, nor are they using word of mouth. It is all online, and we must ensure that we follow suit so that we may continue to service our customers.

Social media and beyond

The trick to bringing tree removal into the new age is combining old with new. Instead of completely overhauling the entire industry and scope of what we do, we should instead look toward the future as a gradual change in how we operate and reach our customers. The best advertising campaigns are ones that take the old and slowly bring it up to speed, that we people do not experience shock and businesses can operate more smoothly.

We are doing wonderful things to increase our online presence and we help other companies do the same. In addition to social media, we use print advertising as a way to direct people to our website rather than simply having just an online presence. We think that this is the best way to bring the industry into the future and help our customers adjust to the new world which they inhabit.

When the time is right


One of the questions that we get most frequently is when does the tree need to come down? Tree removal is something that needs to be done when the time is right, preferably before it causes any damage. In a way, it is sort of a guessing game. The most problematic trees are not the ones that clearly need to come down as soon as possible, but rather the ones that are questionable.

Something about the trees that can not decide whether or not they are going to fall are the most problematic simply for that reason. Let’s face it, nobody wants to have a tree removed if they can help it. The process is time consuming and expensive a lot of the time, but unfortunately there is little alternative.

The basics

The basic rule of thumb is that when you think a tree might need to come down, it often does. There is little reason to leave a tree standing that maybe needs to come down simply because you never know when it will fall and create a great deal of property damage. Now, when it comes to trees that you do not know whether or not they will need to come down at all, that is a different story.

Basically, the best thing to do in either situation is to contact a professional and have them come take a look at what is going on. They will be able to give you an unbiased report on what needs to happen.

The whole picture


There is so much that goes into felling a tree that many people do not even realize it. Once the tree has actually been cut down, there is a matter of seeing where it falls and the even bigger project of getting it all cleaned up. Tree removal is only half of the job, and tree disposal might be an even larger part. Think about it, a large tree falls in your yard or at times in the neighbors yard. The wood does not magically disappear, and many people have no idea how to use it.

Not everyone has a fireplace or a way to chop up the wood even more importantly. And how long do you think people want logs to sit in their yard before they are removed. Moreover, what do you do with the logs and tree stump once they have been cut up into manageable (and this is a loose term) pieces?

What makes us different

We are a collective of not only tree removal professionals, – Marc’s, Huff, Curtis Thompson’s, but also a collective of tree disposal professionals. Once we cut your tree down, the battle is only half over. We work closely with our customers in order to determine a plan of attack wherein they can make the most of the felled tree and give us explicit instructions on what to do. Whether you plan on keeping the valuable wood or getting rid of it, we have what you need to make that happen.

Chopping the tree down is only step one, which is something that many companies do not understand. Do not be surprised if in the fine print, tree disposal is not part of the deal. We guarantee that our tree disposal methods are environmentally friendly and adhere to every code of ethics imaginable. Trust us, you are in good hands.

Never stop looking ahead


Tree removal is an industry that is relatively safe in terms of having security within this crazy hectic world. As long as there are trees, people will need to have them removed. This perhaps is the main reason that tree removal, while experiencing changes over the years, has remained pretty much the same. The old phrase “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” certainly applies here, but there are many professionals that believe that this comes with caveats.

The first one is that technology is growing at such a rapid pace that there is little reason to think that eventually, the techniques and machines contained within the tree service industry will become obsolete sooner rather than later, which poses a great concern.

Think about it

Granted, many of our readers are not tree removal professionals, but they have used our services and are interested with the future of the industry. Likewise, professionals that read our blog and are familiar with our work know there are a number of reasons as to why the industry needs to be moved further. It is no longer about profits for us, but it is about preserving the state of the environment and making sure things do not get left behind.

Perhaps it will not happen for years to come, but there will be a time when we need to seriously start looking at what makes our business tick and how we can help innovate techniques and tools for the future of the industry and our customers.

The science behind it all


Let’s face it, there are oftentimes where companies will simply do their job, in this case felling a tree, go back to the office and call it a day. There is nothing wrong with this, but it does beg the question how do we continue to move the industry forward. Tree removal, much like many construction based industries such as Wilmington Tree Services has a propensity to stay relatively unchanged for a number of years. We have the things we need to do it, and it works.

However, there is the question of whether we can continue to improve the industry not only through better machinery, but also through technology. We, as loggers must understand that there are a number of things we could be doing better, but that we must pay attention and analyze the facts in order for this to happen.

Take for example

Any number of industries that have existed since the Industrial Age that have remained pretty much unchanged. They still work, but now we are facing different global concerns that directly impact them. By examining the science behind what we are doing, we may be able to create more environmentally friendly ways to take the steps we need to not only continue the way we are doing things, but to perhaps continue to innovate in the future.

In many ways, we are leaving ourselves behind by not using enough science to see what the bigger picture holds. That we can continue to do things the way we do until it is too late to change the damage we have caused, or start thinking now about what we could be doing differently. In time we will see how effective we are and how easy or difficult it is to change the current way we do things, but we should start looking now.

Leave it to the pros


We mentioned earlier that there are ways to remove trees yourself, and that in some cases, it is a viable course of action. There is, however, something to be said about leaving it to the professionals. Something about human nature persuades us to do it ourselves, that we believe that we are capable of doing everything ourselves with just a little bit of help and instruction.

However, as professionals there is something that people do not understand, and that is that experience and professionalism goes a long way. Sure, there are millions of ways to take down a tree, but there is a lot more to it than taking a chainsaw to it and screaming “timber”. One must think carefully about their surroundings and safety, which a lot of people do not.

A matter of experience

This is really where experience comes in. There is no way to tell exactly where a tree is going to fall, and even with the highest tech equipment available, things could actually go wrong. The difference between the average person and the tree removal company is often a matter of not only experience, but legal liability.

Most people do not have insurance that protects them and neighbors should something go wrong such as a tree falling on a house. Perhaps the main reason to leave it to the pros is not because it is that difficult to cut down a tree, but rather to protect the person or the persons of any damage once that tree has been cut down.

Doing it yourself


When it comes to felling a tree, there is always the question of whether or not to do it yourself. Why pay a company when you can simply get a few friends or family members together and just get it done without having to call a professional? This is a common practice for many, but as someone that has been part of the industry for awhile, and done it both ways, I can tell you that doing it yourself is not always a money saver.

The main problem you run into when doing it yourself is underestimating the amount of work it takes to actually complete the project. There are a number of branches that usually need to be cut before felling the tree itself, which requires special equipment such as a harness and small compact saw in order to achieve.

But there is more

In addition to needing special equipment most of the time, there is an even bigger problem which is causing property damage if you cannot get the tree to fall exactly where you want. The problem with felling a tree is that they are often larger than they look and without the right equipment, they cannot always be told where to fall.

Professionals are experienced with this idea and have the tools needed to make the tree fall basically where they want, and depending on how close the neighbors are, this might be a necessity. This is not to say that there are no trees that can be taken down by yourself, but at least consult a professional.

Area’s Best


Tree removal is a business that has been a long time industry, and one that has not been changed in a number of years, until now. We are the largest tree removal service in the area and believe in forward motion when it comes to operating in the age of social media and online advertising. This is how we became the business that we are today, and has given us a leg up on the area.

We service both commercial and residential areas and have a reputation for quality tree removal and disposal. In an effort to continue our services while forwarding the industry, we believe in practices and technologies that help protect the environment. Tree removal is often a delicate process, and what that we understand.

The future of the industry

In the future, we believe that we will lead the way for other local tree removal companies, who will adopt our policies and practices. We must understand that we are only given one planet and we must preserve it while also operating in the same way we do now. in order to make a change, we must work hard to make sure we are planning for the future.

Come see the differences we are making, which are backed by science and use the latest in ethical practices and procedures. We do things differently and believe that is why we have become the best in the area for tree removal and tree disposal services.

About Us

Peach Tree Circle has long been a name in the local community for being the best in the area for tree removal and disposal. We handle jobs of all sizes, both commercial and residential and are able to handle virtually any request. Our ability to remove and dispose of the fallen tree has made us the utmost authority in tree removal and has helped us build a large customer base of dedicated clients.

What makes us different from other tree removal services in the area is that our methods are backed by technology and knowledge in the area. We have a dedicated team of not just scientists as well as field employees, we understand not only the front line of tree removal, but we also understand the science behind it.

Our promise

We promise that we will use our knowledge and technology to serve your needs. When it comes to tree removal, if you think you may need it removed, you probably do. Dead trees can be dangerous, which should make removing them your top priority. Help reclaim your yard and prevent danger by getting rid of that dead tree today. Our knowledge is second to none, and we hope that you will come see the difference.

Join our collective of tree removal enthusiasts dedicated to advancing the tree removal industry. We offer the best services at an affordable price that you are guaranteed to enjoy. Welcome to Peach Tree Circle, where our customers are our top priority.